Steph sees the wisdom of tooth extraction at Emersons Green

When Steph Lewis, 26, a research executive from Emersons Green in Bristol, experienced extreme pain from wisdom teeth which had not fully erupted from her gums, her dentist advised her to have them removed. 

Her dentist said that they could carry out the procedure but Steph’s partner had had wisdom teeth successfully removed at Emersons Green NHS Treatment Centre so she rang her dentist and asked to be referred to the hospital for her treatment.

“I had an x-ray at Emersons Green and although I was only experiencing pain in one tooth, the x-ray showed that I would need to have both lower wisdom teeth removed,” said Steph. “Because they had not fully erupted through the gum they were difficult to clean properly and there was tooth decay that was causing the problem.”

Steph continued: “When I arrived for my treatment I was a little apprehensive, but for some reason I subconsciously worked myself up a bit to the point where my heart rate went through the roof and my hands went cold. I studied psychology at university and I think I over-thought the whole thing. I’d never had sedation before so I was worrying about what would happen next.”

Aware that Steph was anxious and wishing to calm her so that the treatment could proceed, the clinical team did everything they could to put Steph at ease. “They were brilliant,” she said. “From the moment I arrived everyone was so friendly and supportive. They did everything they could to alleviate my anxiety and what was really good was that they did not force me to do or agree to anything that I wasn’t happy with. For example, because my hands had become cold it was difficult to put a cannula into my hand for the sedation, so rather than keep trying they used my arm instead.”

She continued: “As my heart rate was racing and I was getting colder, the team decided to wrap me in a heated blanket. That blanket was one of the best things I’ve experienced in my life! It warmed me up, calmed me down as the sedation kicked in I have no memory of what came next.”

In the end Steph’s wisdom teeth extraction was a success. She said: “Everything was so well handled and I’ve experienced very little pain afterwards during recovery, so despite my initial anxiety overall my experience was a pleasant one. The care I received was superb and I am so grateful to Mr Othman and his team. They really looked after we well and helped me to have a procedure which, without their skills at calming me, I may well have called off.”

She added: “If anyone else is thinking about having dental surgery at Emersons Green NHS Treatment Centre I would emphasise that you will be in safe hands. No one looks forward to dental treatment and many people are worried about it. I can only say from experience that the team at Emersons Green will help you through the treatment.”

Steph continued: “My partner and I were discussing Emersons Green NHS Treatment Centre and we were saying how lucky we are that such great care is available locally. The whole process is really good – from the moment you sign in at reception to your consultation (where you really are able to ask anything) through to treatment and aftercare. I felt really safe and well cared-for, and I would definitely go back there for more treatment if I need it.”

Rob Thomas, Hospital Director at Emersons Green NHS Treatment Centre commented: “Steph left us a lovely comment on our website and it was good of her to give us such positive feedback to pass on to the team. Steph is an excellent example of someone who has exercised their right to choose where they receive their NHS treatment. I am proud of the fact that our treatment centre remains available to local patients wishing to exercise their right to choose local, rapid treatment.”

Dental surgery is also available in the region at Devizes NHS Treatment Centre. Devizes and Emerson’s Green NHS Treatment Centres are part of the choice of care for NHS patients in the region. If your GP (or optician for eye treatments and dentist for dental treatments) decides that you need treatment you can choose to have your NHS treatment at either Devizes or Emerson’s Green NHS Treatment Centre and benefit from the two-hospital arrangement.