Our current waiting times

First appointment From appointment to treatment*
2 weeks 2 weeks
*This will be dependent on how long it takes for your consultant to agree your treatment plan, following your consultation and the results of any tests.

Please note: waiting times displayed are indicative and can change on a daily basis.

You have the right to choose where you have your NHS treatment.

At Emersons Green treatment centre we offer free NHS treatments to all patients. You are not required to pay if you are an NHS patient and have been referred for treatment by your GP.

If you are unable to receive the treatment you need on the NHS, but don’t have private health insurance, look for this Available on self pay icon to discover the option of paying for yourself.

Click here for more information about self pay

Cataract surgery

Cataracts cause blurred vision and glare.

Cataract surgery involves removal of the cloudy lens from the eye and replacing it with an artificial lens. Surgery is done under local anaesthesia as a daycase.

We also offer one-stop cataract surgery. This has the advantage of having the assessment and surgery in just one visit.

Laser Capsulotomy

Following cataract surgery, some patients may experience blurring due to the opacification of the capsule behind the artificial lens implant. The YAG laser can make an opening in this capsule and restore vision. This treatment is carried out in just one visit.

Available on self pay Oculoplastic surgery

This involves surgery on eyelids. We perform surgery for:

  • Ectropion; dropped lower lid
  • Entropion; Inturned lower lid, causing lashes to rub against the eye
  • Trichiasis; misdirected lashes rubbing against the eye
  • Ptosis; droopy upper eyelid
  • Dermatochalasis; excess skin on upper lids causing visual field restriction
  • Watery eyes – syringing, blocked tear ducts, endoscopic dacryocystorhinostomy
  • Excision of lumps and bumps from eyelids

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