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You have the right to choose where you have your NHS treatment.

At Emersons Green treatment centre we offer free NHS treatments to all patients. You are not required to pay if you are an NHS patient and have been referred for treatment by your GP.

If you are unable to receive the treatment you need on the NHS, but don’t have private health insurance, look for this Available on self pay icon to discover the option of paying for yourself.

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Available on self pay Bunion Removal (Hallux Valgus Correction)

A bunion is a painful, often inflammed deformity of the big toe joint which usually gets worse over time. Surgical correction commonly involves further procedures rather than only removing the bony lump or the inflamed bursa; such as realignment of the metatarsal bone using metal screws or other fixation techniques. Depending on the type of procedure, the patient is advised to walk in a special orthopaedic footwear or plaster, and use crutches until the bone has healed (usually 4-6 weeks).

Bunionette removal

Bunionette is a painful chronic swelling with bony protuberance on the lateral side of the fifth metatarsal head which can be removed successfully with surgery.

Toe Deformities (Hammer Toe, Claw Toe, Mallet Toe)

Common deformities affecting the small toe joints result in contractures and painful hard skin (‘corns’). This condition can be caused by tight footwear or inflammatory arthritis. Following failed conservative treatment, surgical correction is advised to achieve a more comfortable fit in a normal shoe.

Available on self pay Ganglion, Synovial Cyst, Bursa, Bone Protruberance, Overgrown Bone, and Musculosceletal Soft Tissue Lesion Removal

Overgrown bone or swollen synovial cysts can be located in different parts of the musculosceletal system, but most commonly on the wrist, foot or knee. They can cause pain or chronic discomfort and can be removed surgically.

Stiff Big Toe (Hallux Rigidus)

This is a condition also known as Hallux Rigidus, a form of degenerative arthritis which causes bone deformity, pain and stiffness in the big toe joint. The chronic, painful, limited motion of the big toe joint can be successfully treated surgically.

Therapeutic Injection for pain relief

Injections are a fast and easy method of easing joint pain and inflammation in degenerative foot joints or into swollen, painful bursas or tendon attachments. The most commonly used type of injection is cortison or steroid injection to ease joint inflammation.

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