Coping with family during lockdown

Whether you’re living at home with your parents, with your children, with a partner or grandparents, being around someone for a long period can lead to conflict, which ultimately creates an uncomfortable living atmosphere.

We have a few tips to help you adjust to spending more time than usual with them.

Give yourself space and allow others to have space

From time to time it’s important that we all have alone time to help us maintain a sense of identity, as well as independence and strength. It’s also a key component to having a healthy relationship.

Along with this, you should be respectful when someone else wants some space. Try not to be offended if someone wants to do something without you, they still love and care for you, and they will appreciate you even more for giving you that space. 

Keep your usual routine

Even if you’re not working at the moment, having a routine is great for your mental health and helps to reduce stress. To do this try planning what you’re going to do each day, having meals around the same time and having regular wake-up time and bedtime.

Celebrate special occasions

Whilst in lockdown, it’s still important to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and any other celebrations you may having coming up.

Get creative with how you can celebrate these events, for instance, you could have a birthday party in your living room, camp out in the garden or a film night. 

Most of all… enjoy the time together

They might drive you mad at times, but try to embrace this time together. It’s a perfect chance to learn more about each other and build an even stronger relationship together. 

Remember through this time to take care of each other, appreciate the small little things life has to offer and reach out to loved ones.