Eleven unique ways to keep your kids entertained while indoors

Are you running out of ideas to keep the kids entertained? With the schools closed and everyone staying indoors it can be hard to think of activities to do that are cheap and can be done at home.

We have a few fantastic ways to fight boredom and have fun from home:

  1. Take your kids on a virtual tour – many museums, art galleries and zoos are offering virtual tours all from the comfort of your own home. A few examples include, The National Gallery, British Museum, Edinburgh Castle and Stonehenge.

  2. Join a craft club – Hobbycraft are offering daily crafting prompts from paper plate butterflies to free colouring sheets. Take a look here.

  3. Make a bird feeder – it’s easier than you think! Here’s a few different ways you can make one. 

  4. Do some cooking or baking – this is a great pass time and teaches your kids essential skills needed later in life. Discover these easy and fun recipes to cook together! 

  5. Craft something from paper mache – you can make just about anything from paper mache. A few ideas include, a volcano, a hot air balloon or animal ornament!

  6. Meditate together – research suggests that teaching children how to meditate can be beneficial for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), anxiety, depression, school performance, sleep and behaviour problems. For guided meditation try the app Headspace. 

  7. Write a story – this is a great way to get kids using their imagination! They could even create the book by stapling paper together and then illustrate it.

  8. Make a fort – children of all ages will love this. Once you’ve created your fort you could then have a picnic inside or watch a movie from it. Check out these fort ideas. 

  9. Create your own island map – give your child a big piece of paper and have them create an island from a bird’s eye view. Tell them to map where everything would be e.g. mountains, rivers, beaches, woods, restaurants, hotels, parks and farms. The list is endless!

  10. Draw your family tree – teach your kids about how their family history. This is a great time to tell family stories and learn more about each other.

  11. Write letters to relatives – everyone loves to receive a letter from someone special, especially during these difficult circumstances. Have your child write and decorate a heart-warming letter to someone – it could just make their day.

Being in with the kids is a great time to be creative, learn something new and have fun together.