Finding your inner child


Anxieties are running high for many people during this time of uncertainty with no real clue as to how long these measures for stopping the spread of Coronavirus may go on for.

Taking the time to de-stress in new ways will help keep your brain in gear, in the now and hopefully reduce some of the anxiety you may be feeling.

Today we are talking about ‘finding your inner child’. Playing, being silly, messing around and just being in the moment can seem like a daunting ask to adults who have forgotten what it means to play and let go.

What better time is there to release yourself of normal social constraints of having to be ‘grown up’ and use this time to let out your inner child and have some fun. So once you’ve got a few ideas – turn off the TV, put your phone or tablet down and let rip! Here’s a few ways that may help get you started:

Lego and other building blocks – Let your imagination run wild as you build crazy structures beyond the instruction booklet.

Dress up – Turn yourself into as many characters as you can with what you’ve got at home, and send photos or videos to family and friends to give them a much welcomed giggle.

At home bowling – Line up some non-breakable items and see how many you can knock over with your ‘bowling ball’.

Karaoke – Put on your favourite tunes and dance and sing around the house.

Play with your pet – Let them lead the fun or build them an obstacle course that will boost their mental and physical agility.

Doodle – Grab a piece of paper and some coloured pens and draw whatever’s in your head.

Challenge cooking – Video call a friend and show them your kitchen cupboards. Let them pick three items from your stock that you have to include in your meal and get creative!

Rules to live by – Give yourself a new rule or rules to live by each day. Remember when the floor was lava? Your feet can’t touch the floor for the whole day! You have to use anything you can to stop the lava from scorching your toes. Or talk with a different accent each day.

Play a board game – The oldies are sometimes the best, Connect4, Monopoly, KerPlunk, Operation, they still have their place in this world.

Play video games – Co-operative digital games played over the internet or with your household that get you interacting and having fun are always a winner.

Give your pet a voice – Talk to your pet, ask them questions and respond in a way and using a voice you think they would use.

Write – Have a go at writing a quick short story, poem, song, anything that comes to mind and then read it to someone else in the house or over video call.

Tennis – No court? A garden or room indoors (with breakables moved out of harm’s way) will work fine. No ball? A tightly scrunched up piece of paper will do. No rackets? A book, a dinner tray, a box, a lid – the world is full of make-shift rackets. No one to play with? A wall is a great opponent.

Solve puzzles – Sudoku, crosswords, word searches or an actual puzzle with real puzzle pieces, can all help instil that sense of play.

Play looks different to every one of us, what play means to one person will not look like play to another. And that’s OK. We all need to find our own way to let our inner child shine and hopefully some of these ideas will help spark more ways to bring a little more playfulness and silliness into your life, and release some of the anxiety.


Photo by Lidya Nada on Unsplash