Fun things and some more sensible things to do with your phone

We have never before had so much readily available to keep us entertained, yet boredom (whether in the time of the Coronavirus lockdown or not) is still a statement and a feeling we are all susceptible to and guilty of saying out loud.

Well, no more! Using just your phone or a tablet, you can fill your time with plenty of fun, or educational or useful tasks – or all three. And we’re going to show you just some of the apps that are out there and will see you through to the other side of the lockdown.

Amazon – has released 40 kids and family shows for free for all (Android and iPhone)

Cartoon Pictures – turn your photo selfies into cartoon selfies (Android only) / Insta Toon – does the same on iPhone

Comixology – there’s comic books galore here with free and paid for options (Android and iPhone)

Driving Theory Test – it might be a while before many of us are back driving again, keep your driving skills sharp by practising your theory test and hazard perception (Android only) / 2020 Driving Theory Test – is a similar app on iPhone

Duolingo – always wanted to learn a new language? Now is the time my friend (Android and iPhone)

Fabby Look – this hair colour changing app is fun for all the family (Android and iPhone)

Fabulous – true change starts with small differences, this apps aims to help your wellbeing (Android and iPhone)

Family5 – is filled with ideas for family activities, goals and parenting tips (Android and iPhone)

Groovepad – Music & Beat Maker – whether you have talent or not, we now all have the power to make some banging tunes (Android and iPhone)

Haiku JAM – get your haiku on and have fun creating haikus with people across the world (Android only) / Fold Pass – is a similar app on iPhone

Houseparty – the video call app where you can play games with those you care about (available on Android and iPhone)

LibriVox Audio Books – with over 24,000 free audiobooks, there’s plenty to keep you entertained here (Android and iPhone)

LinkedIn Learning – the first month is free so get some new skills in quickly (Android and iPhone)

PlantNet – not sure what is growing in your garden? Identify it with PlantNet (Android and iPhone)

Puppr – have a bored pup? Not any more with this dog training and tricks app! (Android and iPhone)

Sketch a day – has daily challenges and tutorials for, you guessed it, sketching (Android and iPhone)

WhatsApp – is great for keeping in touch by messaging, calling and video calling others (Android and iPhone)

YouTube – Joe Wicks (the Lean in 15 guy) is streaming a PE class every day at 9am on YouTube. Get involved and get moving! (Android and iPhone)


There are so many more thousands of apps out there ready to download on your smartphone or tablet. Fill your time with something constructive, something fun, something educational, something silly, but most of all make your time memorable.