How to stay healthy and proactive when working from home

From being able to customise your environment, wear comfy clothes, forget about commuting and spend more time with your loved ones, working from home can have its benefits.

That said, it can be hard to get into the right frame of mind when doing work at home as there are many more temptations.

Here are a seven tips to make the most of working from home:

Get up, get dressed and continue as usual

Although working from home can mean staying in your pajamas all day, it’s better to start the day as if you were going into the office. Try getting up and having a shower to shake off any feelings of laziness. This will help you stay invigorated for the day.

Schedule the day

Working from home allows you to be more flexible of when you start and finish the day. This can even mean working overtime without realising. To combat this, schedule when you’re going to start, when you’re going to have your lunch break and when you’re going to finish. This will help you maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Posture is important

When choosing where to work, think about where you’ll be most comfortable and where you’ll have the best posture. When sitting down, make sure your shoulders are relaxed, keep your back against the chair, maintain a small gap between your knees and keep your feet flat on the floor.

The benefit of working from home is that you can also try working while standing up, which you might not be able to do in your office. Studies have shown that sitting down for too long can lead to obesity, type 2 diabetes, some types of cancer and even an early death. So keep yourself moving!

Stock up on healthy snacks

Working from home can be a constant battle of keeping your hands out the sweet cupboard. If you fill your cupboards with nutritious snacks like dried fruit, mixed nuts or low-fat yoghurt, there will be less temptation. Think about how you’d usually pack your lunch for work. It’ll help you cut out the snacks and make creating your grocery list easier.

Regularly exercise

Scheduling a workout into your day can help boost your mood and wake your body up. Quick and easy exercises include two to three-minute jumping jacks, twenty push ups or 12 lunges. The more you do them, the easier it’ll get! If you need some inspiration, check out these simple 10-minute workouts.

Take control of your environment

Try to create a home office space that works for you. You can now have total freedom to control the temperature, sit where you want, and listen to the music you like! Take advantage and ensure you’re home working space is bright, airy and comfortable.

Stay connected

When working at home, it’s easy to miss the regular interactions you would normally have in the office. Try to talk to someone regularly, whether it’s work related or not. This can help you stimulate your brain, improve your general mood and help you maintain healthy relationships.

Follow these seven simple steps and you’ll find that working from home isn’t so bad after all.