The benefits of dancing at home

With everyone advised to stay indoors, we’re all bound to be sitting down for longer than usual and get distracted by social media, television, videogames and other technology. We shouldn’t feel guilty for doing any of these things, however, they can contribute to us feeling disconnected from our bodies and have an effect on our overall mood.

Scientist say that dancing was a way our prehistoric ancestors used to bond and communicate with each other. Not much has changed nowadays, dancing is a great way of connecting with ourselves and doing it with someone else just adds to the fun!

When we dance, we release endorphins that help to reduce depression, anxiety and stress. It’s great for an instant mood boost and can help you express your emotions through movement.

As well as this, dancing is great for:

  • Improving posture and flexibility
  • Helping your cardiovascular system
  • Increasing strength and balance
  • Developing better spatial awareness

How to start

Start by making sure there is enough room for you to have a boogie. This is to avoid any injuries and ensure nothing gets broken.

Wear something you can move about in, whether that’s joggers, leggings or a dress.

Choose a song, album or playlist that really lifts your spirits and is upbeat to dance to.

Before you get going do some stretches so you don’t ache tomorrow. Then let loose, bringing out all of your favourite dance moves.

If you wanted to you could even create a routine to a song that you can keep coming back to and practising.

Or you could follow one of these online videos:

Change4Life have some fantastic dance routines for kids to follow that include some of their favourite Disney characters. 

NHS website have few dance routines that will really get you moving! Why not try this La Bomba dance routine or have a go at belly dancing?

So whether you’re at home by yourself, with your partner, children, parents or grandparents, put on an upbeat track and get the blood pumping!